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Can you try out the Museum before committing to a membership?

Yes, you can purchase general admission tickets to visit the Museum and apply that ticket purchase to any level of membership later!

How do I apply my tickets to a membership?

Each ticket purchase comes with an order number and ticket number. If you want to apply a discount or tickets to your Membership, you can do so over the phone or in person on your next visit with your order number (within a 2 week window). 

How can I apply my discount to a membership?

If you are applying a discount you must purchase your membership over the phone or in person on your next visit. If you are applying an educators or military discount, have your identification ready. If you are applying a ticket purchase to a membership, have your order number ready.

*Educator, Senior, and Military discounts are not valid towards a Wanderer Membership.

How long does a membership last?

Navigator, Adventurer, Explorer, and Contributor Memberships last until the end of the month purchased of the following year. For example: If purchased 11/13 of 2022 it lasts until 11/30 in 2023.

Wanderer Memberships last exactly 3 months starting the day of purchase. For example: If purchased 12/3/2023, it lasts until 3/3/2024.

How many adults and children can be on a membership?

Each membership is for two named adults and all children in the household. Members are able to add on an extra adult for $25 to Navigator,  Adventurer, Explorer, and Contributor Memberships. It is not valid for a Wanderer Membership.

All memberships, with the exception of the extra adult, are non-transferable. If during the year your caregiver changes, you may adjust the named extra adult on your membership and be issued a new card for that individual.

My nanny wants to bring my children to the Museum using my membership. How does that work?

Only the two named adults on a membership are given free entry into the Museum. Nannies, grandparents, or other family members will have to pay the admission. However, for $25 you can add a third adult onto your membership if that adult will be making frequent visits or one can make your nanny one of the two named adults.

Can I bring guests with my membership?

All guests are welcome. However, if they are not a named adult on your membership, they will be required to pay admission.

The Adventurer and Explorer Membership include 4 free one-time use guest passes to use for additional guests.

How do I sign in to reserve tickets?

Even if you have a membership, you must first register for our site before you are able to sign in and reserve tickets here. Make sure you are using the email address and all information you originally signed up for your membership, otherwise your membership will not connect. If you need to update or verify your information give us a call during our operating hours.

Do I have to reserve tickets online if I have a membership?

If you have a membership, you can come in on a non-event day by reserving tickets online or by checking in with your membership at the Front Desk. The only time you are fully required to reserve online is our event days! Click here to check out all of our special events.

Can memberships be used for field trips?

No, memberships cannot be used for field trips. For additional field trip information, please visit this page.

I have a Navigator Membership. Can I get into the Museum on weekends?

Navigator members are given half-off admission into the Museum on weekends.


Please contact our team at with any additional questions, or give us a call at 910-254-3534 ext. 102.

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